After Building Cleaning Checklist

Please find below a checklist for our After Building cleaning service

After Building Cleaning Checklist

General & thorough

Walls and blinds (on request only) Any marks, scratches etc, to be discussed and agreed at the time of the viewing or booking only.

Extra charges will take place for us to clean blinds or big wall areas

Cobwebs- Removed

Ceilings- Cleared of cobwebs

Corners- Dusted, and cleared of cobwebs

Wall pictures (if any)- Glass frames dusted and cleaned.

Doors- Dusted, wiped and cleaned from top to bottom

Door handles- Wiped and polished, free from stains, marks and fingerprints

Windows- Wiped and polished, free from stains, marks and fingerprints

Window shelves- Wiped and polished

Window ledges- Wiped and polished

Window handles- Wiped and polished

Mirrors- Dusted, polished, free of spots and fingerprints

Lights and shades- Dusted and wiped

Light switches, plugs & sockets- Dusted and wiped

Dado rails- Dusted and wiped

Skirting- Dusted and wiped

Spindles & banisters- Dusted and wiped

Curtain rails- Dusted and wiped

Fireplace surrounding areas only- wiped and cleaned

Radiators- Wiped and cleaned from top to bottom and behind

All floors- Vacuumed including under the carpets, tables, beds, sofas, chairs, etc, wiped and stain free

Carpets- Vacuumed

Carpets-stain free using hot water extraction
On request at the time of the booking only

Cupboards and drawers- Dusted from inside and out, as well as polished

These areas need to be emptied for us to reach inside

Shelves- Dusted and polished
These areas need to be emptied for us to work on them accurately

Wooden furniture- Dusted, wiped and polished

Kitchen Cleaning

All work surfaces (such as kitchen countertops)- Washed and sanitised.

All cupboards and worktop area needs to be cleared for us to work on it

Cupboards and drawers- wiped and handles sanitised

Cupboards and drawers can only be cleaned in & out if those are emptied, otherwise we will clean doors in and out along with the door’s edges including all the door’s handles sanitised

Wall tiles- Cleaned and Sanitised

Sink & taps- Descaled, cleaned, sanitised and polished

Internal rubbish bins- Emptied, cleaned and disinfected inside-out

Fridge & freezer- to be wiped down
SSC won’t move any of the appliances as for the high risk on the floors or
appliance’s damages.

We are happy to reach behind those areas to be cleaned if the appliances are
moved by any liable party

Microwave- to be wiped down

Dishwasher- to be wiped down only

Washing machine to be wiped down

Tumble dryer wiped down only

Hobs & grill- Cleaned and polished

Oven to be wiped down as a new appliance,

Outside chrome and glass parts- Polished

Extractor fan- Degreased, cleaned and polished

Kitchen appliances (such as toaster, kettle, etc)- Cleaned

Bathroom Cleaning

Wall tiles- cleaned, disinfected and dried

Radiators & towel rail- cleaned and dried

Taps and fittings- Descaled, cleaned and polished

Basin- cleaned, descaled, dried and polished

Soap dispenser- Cleaned

Toothbrush glass- Cleaned and polished

Cupboards & shelves- Cleaned if empty

Glass & Chrome parts- polished

Mirrors- Wiped, polished, free of spots and fingerprints

Bathtub- Wiped, descaled, sanitised, polished

Shower screen- Washed inside and outside, descaled and polished

Shower head- Cleaned, descaled, dried and polished

Toilet & toilet seat- Cleaned, descaled and disinfected from inside and out

Bidet- Cleaned, descaled and disinfected inside and out

Floor- Washed and disinfected

Extractor fan- Free of dust and removable grime

SSC Terms & conditions

• Clients need to provide the cleaning hand tools to reach any exceptional high ceilings

• Exceptional high or cracked windows will be missed due to the limitations of our liability

• Clients need to make sure that builders have left the areas and clear their tools for us to start our job

• Any mess left by the builders in which doesn’t carry an acceptable standard caring work manner won’t be rectified by SCC

• Clients are responsible to collect all the visible rubbish and bin bags removed from the property before the operator/s start the job

• We don’t remove any personal items from client’s drawers, kitchen cupboards, or wardrobes, if any
• We would move sofas, tables, chairs or beds if they are easy to move

• Any heavy-duty furniture wanted to be moved to reach skirting boards and floors will be under client’s discretion

• The same applies to move white goods or cookers

• Fridge freezer will need to be previously disconnected and defrosted for us to clean them

• Access to electricity and hot water is required in all our cleaning services

• Ovens and appliances are expected to be new in this kind of service if you need an oven to be decreased or cleaned or other appliances to be properly cleaned as used items, please let us know for us to quote accordantly

Anything mentioned in our checklists would be included without exceptions other than on request services

Prices provided over the phone or email might not apply to exceptionally large properties

Floor plans or zoom viewings might be required for those properties

Deposits are not refundable

We will instead give the option to move to another date with a minimum of 48 hours prior notice

SCC will refund all monies if in the event of cancelation, SCC becomes liable

If SCC cancels a service due to the client’s breach of contract, SCC won’t refund any monies

We only provide zoom viewings at this current times

If the properties areas and stage of the cleaning are not described
accordantly by the time of the booking prices could vary at the time of the service

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