After Building Cleaning Checklist

Please find below a checklist for our After Building cleaning service

After Building Cleaning Checklist

General & thorough

We expect properties to be empty at the time of the service with this particular service.
Please advise us otherwise.

Corners- Dusted

Doors- Dusted, wiped and cleaned from top to bottom

Door handles- Wiped and polished, free from stains, marks and fingerprints

Windows- Wiped and polished, free from stains, marks and fingerprints

Window shelves- Wiped and polished

Window ledges- Wiped and polished

Window handles- Wiped and polished

Mirrors- Dusted, polished, free of spots and fingerprints

Lights and shades- Dusted and wiped

Light switches, plugs & sockets- Dusted and wiped

Dado rails- Dusted and wiped

Skirting- Dusted and wiped

Spindles & banisters- Dusted and wiped

Curtain rails- Dusted and wiped

Fireplace surrounding areas only- wiped and cleaned

Radiators- Wiped and cleaned from top to bottom

All floors- Vacuumed and moped

Carpets- Vacuumed
Carpets-stain free using hot water extraction “on request only”

Cupboards and drawers- Dusted and polished

Shelves- Dusted and polished

Wooden furniture- Dusted, wiped and polished

Kitchen Cleaning

All work surfaces such as kitchen countertops Washed and sanitised.

Cupboards and drawers- wiped and handles sanitised

Wall tiles- Cleaned and Sanitised

Sink & taps- cleaned and polished

Fridge & freezer and other white goods “ on request only”

Hobs & grill- Cleaned and polished

Oven- Degreased, cleaned inside and out “on request only”

Outside chrome and glass parts- Polished

Extractor fan- Degreased, cleaned and polished

Bathroom Cleaning

Wall tiles- cleaned and polished

Radiators & towel rail- cleaned and polished

Taps and fittings- cleaned and polished

Basin- cleaned and polished

Soap dispenser- Cleaned

Toothbrush glass- Cleaned and polished

Cupboards & shelves- Cleaned

Glass & Chrome parts- polished

Mirrors- Wiped, polished, free of spots and fingerprints

Bathtub- Wiped, sanitised and polished

Shower screen- Washed inside and outside and dry

Shower head- Cleaned, dried and polished

Toilet & toilet seat- Cleaned, disinfected from inside and out

Bidet- Cleaned, and disinfected inside and out

Floor- Washed and disinfected

Extractor fan- Free of dust and removable grime


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